Saturday, April 23, 2016

SEO Strategy for 2017 Revealed!

Search Engine Optimization has become a necessity for all online businesses or any organization who want to get relevant feedback with easy marketing strategy in the web world. The SEO work is defined by the optimizers using certain tools that are involved in the strategic progress of the organization’s web page or content.

SEO work is used by all the organizations all around the world. As it is defined by the technical strategy and we know technical factors are upgraded in accordance with time, the tools for SEO work even is upgraded time to time. With the recently upgraded versions of the tool now, top SEO strategy for 2016 is revealed. Our premium seo services take care of all these parameters to rank your website on top.

Here are the top 4 
seo hacks to be on top of the Google.
Social Media Signals  A silver lining has been added to the social media as many digital marketers complained about the decreasing in incoming audience from a Social media platform. The efforts on the social media platforms are higher in comparison to the feedbacks or returns. Back-links certainly act as a positive ethic for the client’s website that raises the domain authority & the site ranking.
After input of a lot of efforts and hard work, Google has acknowledged the social media’s importance in searching ranks. Google has finally placed the importance of social media as a visible and valuable factor although in a delicate way.
Mobile Friendly Sites
  With the technical upgrades mobile web has achieved spectacular growth within few years with the growing shares of Smartphone. The Internet activity on Mobile is rising consistently standing with 30% of internet traffics which is half of the traffics from desktops. With the landmark changes of browsing patterns, the search engine Company, Google initiated to tag the sites on SERP as responsive. With this initiated step, the websites are tagged as responsive which would get higher click rates than the past and from others.
The clients who are about to start up can switch to the responsive design and inform the site designers to change the strategy on your site as fast as you can. With this you need to inform some few initiations in your site, like having enough large buttons that give a click access in an easier mode on the Smartphone, enough whitespace that would prevent syndrome of fat finger, without zooming the readers could clearly read the data or information on their devices, to avoid incorrect navigation the links should be placed in a proper way.
Safe and secured HTTPS  In 2014 August, Google had announced that it will be using HTTPS as a ranking signal that is indeed a move towards safe browsing experience. In comparison to HTTP, it is secured and safe to browse. 
It is a definite ranking signal that will be worthy enough for the clients to put in SSL certificate for their site.
Post Quality and Relevant Posts
  Guest blogging has been a proper way-out to earning links as well as growing authority. In previous days guest blogging was the very simple route, the guest posts contained irrelevant and bogus information which are low in quality for the referring site which in return offered backlinks.