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Ways to create highly Valuable content for your blog

Blogging is all hype these days. A blog is not just where you can pen your ideas these days like it used to be before. It has grown to be a major source of income for the bloggers. They earn decent bucks with the viewers attracted to their blog. However, attracting viewers is not as easy as it sounds. Blog owners need to post some useful and meaningful content in order for the viewers to visit the blog to check them out. But it does not also mean that attracting viewers is rocket science. All that a blogger needs to do is post some highly valuable content on their blog. If you are a blogger and wondering how to create highly valuable content then here are some tips and ways for you.
  • A blogger needs to become the customers’ need’s resource person
This is the foremost thing a blogger needs to bear in mind. Think about, what your customer’s real problem is. Blogging is not entirely concerning your business, it is all about the consumers. If as a blogger it is your wish to grab their attention and engage them with the blog and lure them to the sales department, then it is very essential that the blogger has to lay his or her attention on the customers, their issues.

When good content is created it helps in the success of the prospects and so they will be more engaged to the blog and keep revisiting your blog.

If you are not sure what your customers are looking for from your blog, the best way to become sure is by asking them. If you have been running for a long time a business, then chances are that you would be knowing many of them already. So, ask them about their issues.

But if you are a beginner and do not know your customers well then start conducting surveys using free tools that are available on the internet.
  • KeyWords
Once you have conducted surveys to understand your customers better, Keyword extraction from the questions you have used in the survey becomes important. When you are aware of all the customer issues, you will notice that there some phrases that keep recurring.

Use those phrases, may be add up a few of yours to them and then use the tool for keywords searching. Put all of your Phrases in the box and choose the option of keyword matching and then hit the search button.

Once you do this the keyword phrases you have typed will be returned to you by and also some other phrases that are related o the ones you have typed in the search box. Not only this, this keyword search tool provides you an insight of the number of people who laid a search for every single phrase in the previous month and the competition that these phrases have. The search columns of local and global ones gives a blogger an idea of the amount of interest others people have for a particular keyword. If you focus on the phrases that are highly researched in your posts, then you will be successful in luring viewers to your site.

Once you are done with identifying the popular keywords, visit the Google Insights for Search. Go to the bottom of the page and look for “Rising Researches” and “Top Researches.” The top researches will tell you the popular keywords that are being searched for and the other search will let you know what is the next search term that will get popular.

If you create content that is fresh and valuable prior to it getting mainstream you will be successful in attracting a lot of viewers to your blog. Guest bloggers might visit and might even share your content when they are planning to write something related on their blog too. Because of this the SEO will can reward your article for being there for a long time.
  • Answer the questions that remain unanswered
Most of the time people come search he web for finding an answer to their questions. The audience that view your blog are also nothing different. Answer the queries your viewers have, as it will help you build a rapport with them, attract more traffic to your blog and also keep your viewers engaged.

It is like that a blogger gets lo of emails from their customers who are in seek of advice. Do not reply with answers immediately. If you are sure that you have an answer to the questions that users are unable to find elsewhere then turn it into an excellent opportunity for yourself. The situation could possibly be that many other might have the same doubts in their mind and are unsuccessful in find the answer from the other sources. It is the best time for you to strike, wait for a little while. If Google does not provide an answer to the query, they might refer it to an authoritative source, which can be your blog. When the do so like the saying goes “Make hay while sun shines”, answer the query while you have the chance. It will be very advantageous to you as it will introduce new people to your blog, which is nothing but increased blog traffic.

If you want to attract traffic to your blog and keep the viewers engaged to your blog, create fresh and original content regularly especially the topics have to be on what interest people the most these days and not what interests you. By researching, answering viewers queries and catching their pulse, you can build a successful blog.

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