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Halloween SEO Infographic

It isn't scary at all ! Well read it, I mean visualize it a d then decide. 

Welcome to the World of SEO Halloween Palace!
Halloween SEO Infographic Image

Smartify your social media efforts with “Social Media Design Cheat Sheet”

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Showcase your brand message astutely with the help of this cool infographic. 

I know you are going to love this. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

“Don't start to dig well when you are thirsty...” #Digital Marketing Company

It’s slow as a turtle though wins the race..!

Well! Initiate with SEO and Internet Marketing strategies right from the incarnation of the brand, it helps to build your presence strong, very strong enough to penetrate the competition and be the winner always.
Start it, before your competitor starts.

The technique in which the internet is used to promote products and services is referred to as internet marketing. Similarly, the technique in which a webpage is optimized in to rank high in a search engine is known as Organic Search Engine Optimization. Internet marketing and SEO might be two different techniques; however, they both go hand in hand. It is that journey which shall make you accessible to your targeted audience.

Thus, if you want to attain business success and easily and effectively promote your business on the internet then should consider utilizing the following “5 top lucrative benefits of Search Engine Optimization”.

Keyword Well
It’s more about making your brand accessible through the relevant keywords related to your brand. Keyword research is very crucial for your relevant accessibility, like for example a brand of Blues music genre should be accessible on the keywords related to blues music or music and not singers. In order to increase the visibility of a website and the content present in it, it is important to use the right keywords. In order to effectively promote a website and its content on the internet, it is important the most relevant keywords. The placement of the keywords in the website content also matters in this Search Engine Optimisation marketing technique, therefore, it is also necessary to place the keywords strategically.

On-Page Well
Hidden HTML information known as Meta tags help search engines communicate with the website, which is another factor that can increase a website’s visibility as well. Thus, using relevant Meta tags throughout the site is also a SEO marketing technique that will make it easier for search engine to communicate with a website and make it more visible.

Quality Content Well!
Google loves lengthy articles, and I feel this one is also a lengthier one keeping in mind of what Google loves. To succeed at SEO marketing, creating quality and relevant content is quite important. Whatever content is created for a website must be interesting and unique. Also, in order to ensure that a website stands out from all the other sites on the internet, the content posted on it must be relevant to the site. This SEO internet marketing strategy will ensure that customers remain loyal to the website and keep coming back.

Ambience Well
The appearance and the feel of web pages also play an important role in generating a large amount of traffic for a website. When internet users visit a website, the first impression they get is from the homepage or the landing page of the website. Thus, another effective SEO marketing technique is to design a website such that it can be easily navigated and used, while is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Link-building Well
Hyper-linking and interior linking are two other SEO marketing techniques that can be used to generate more traffic to a website. With hyper-linking search engine spiders can be more effectively attracted to a website and this will automatically increase the visibility of the site. Interior linking, on the other hand, will help in organizing a website by linking internal pages and visitors will be encouraged to continue navigating through the site.

Apart from the above mentioned techniques, there are many more that can be used for effectively promoting a website on the internet. Using the combination of internet marketing and search engine optimization can increasing the ranking of a website in search engines to a great extent. 

There is Important SEO marketing technique is to perform keyword research. For instance, if you are looking for helpline number of Ally Digital Media than you’ll find us on top, well don’t believe it? Then go to Google and type in Ally Digital Media and see it yourself, it is because of Organic SEO that you are able to find it with a simple search. Therefore, using these 5 top SEO marketing strategies should be considered by those who want to market their website on the internet.

Everything is online! Are you?

Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends...!

Ally Digital Media 
Trends in Digital Marketingchange so quickly that it can be hard to keep up! It’s an important thing to follow, however, as these marketing techniques can help companies grow their businesses at a much quicker rate than those who are stuck using older marketing strategies. Here’s a roundup of 5 digital marketing trends that all businesses should be aware of.

1.      Mobile Shopping Experience
Mobile is bigger than ever and customers are spending lots of money on their smartphones and tablets. The good news is there is a lot of business to tap into here! But this means that your Mobile UX needs to be in tip-top shape. If you have a great website but haven’t hopped on board with responsive web design, you run the risk of losing a lot of these customers. They won’t keep trying to figure out how to get your site to respond to them – they’ll just go to a competitor’s site.
2.      Mobile Marketing
It makes sense that if customers are doing more shopping on mobile, you’ll want to get more ads on mobile. There are a lot of different ways to go about mobile marketing and it is a fast-growing means of advertising. Mobile traffic continues to grow which desktop traffic is slowing down. Figure out a good way to advertise to your audience on mobile and you’ll be ahead of the game.
3.      SMS Marketing
Marketing by text message has been recorded as the most effective form of mobile advertising with over 51 percent of mobile users responding positively to mobile promotions! This means that if you’re not contacting your existing customers via text and reaching out to potential new customers with text messages, you are missing out on a huge potential customer base. Keep your content valuable and relevant – offer discounts, deals or freebies – and you’ll be sure to see growth in your customer base.
4.      Off-peak emails
Sending emails during off-peak hours (11pm to 1am) is the newest way to ensure higher click-rates. This is probably because customers checking their email on mobile have fewer messages in their box during the wee hours and are more likely to open and read the few that come through. It’s hard to make a hard and fast rule about this, however, as there are so many variables involved, such as customer location, etc.
5.      Big Data
Perhaps the #1 most important new trend in digital marketing is big data. Studies show that most digital marketers aren’t tapping into their data results or using their data in a strategic and systematic way to increase sales. A lot of companies spend money acquiring big data but are at a loss as to how to use it. Finding a way to harness this information, whether it’s creating a process for marketing and IT to work together on utilizing this information, or bringing in an SEOservices company to help determine how you’re the results of big data could be best implemented in your site and marketing strategy, is going to be crucial to the success and growth of any small business in the future.

Keep up to date with these digital marketing trends and you’ll be in good shape for the coming business year!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Google's Zebra Update is coming...

Changes to the Search Giant's Algorithm are Afoot

Google is often described as “the Internet” thanks to its search engine and myriad of other services they offer. While this is not strictly true, it can sometimes feel like it. Google is the first thing that many users see when they open the lid of their laptops. It’s the first thing they head to when they want to find something online. The search giant’s algorithm for how they present results is a coveted secret and only those in the know can see big changes coming. The “Google Zebra” update is coming and it could hold big changes for those that depend on traffic from search results.

What is Google Zebra?

Google names their search algorithms and right now we have the Penguin algorithm. Updates to that algorithm are dubbed Panda. It was recently revealed that this update is to more gradual and less noticeable for webmasters. Therefore, it’s thought that these updates will be easier to digest and get to grips with. However, there’s something bigger for webmasters, merchants in particular, to worry about it. This is the Google Zebra update, as named by the Search Engine Journal.

The Zebra update is also known as the “Merchant Quality Update”, which was sparked by a quote from Matt Cutts at SXSW earlier this year. MrCutts works with the Search Quality team at Google and had this to say at the event in Austin, Texas:

“We have a potential launch later this year, maybe a little bit sooner, looking at the quality of  merchants and whether we can do a better job on that, because we don’t want low-quality experience merchants to be ranking in the search results.”

Essentially, this latest update to the search algorithm is a wake-up call for merchants. Those running online stores that rely on Google for much of their traffic need to take note and shape-up. Google is looking to make sure that only “high-quality” merchants will be listedin search results after the update is implemented. High quality doesn’t have to do with the type of products you are selling, whether it’s software from Maxwell Systems or Ford Mustang parts, you’ve got to make sure you are prepared for the update’s standards.

How Can You Prepare for the Zebra Update?

Nobody really knows what’s going to in the Zebra update for sure. What is known, is that it’s going to affect merchants. So, it stands to reason that if you’re running an online store and you want to continue to be ranked by Google, you’ve got to move fast. Matt Cutts spoke of “low-quality experiences” not ranking in results. How can you make sure that you will rank? You can make sure that - in Google’s eyes - you’re a “high-quality” merchant. Google finally purchased their guidelines on what makes a high-quality merchant. If you follow these simple guidelines you should be ready for the impending Zebra update.

        A “view your shopping cart” link that stays on the same site.
        A shopping cart that updates when you add items to it.
        A return policy with a physical address.
        A shipping charge calculator that works.
        A “wish list” link, or a link to postpone the purchase of an item until later.
        A way to track FedEx orders.
        A user forum that works.
        The ability to register or login.
        A gift registry that works.

The Google Zebra update is coming but, if you follow the above guidelines and make sure your online store is fit and ready, you’ll be able to carry on business as usual.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Overview of Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free tool for webmasters to manage a website's tags in one location called a container. The container file is where a website's tags are added and removed. But, what is a tag?

That's one of the most common questions, and simply put, they’re strings of code that allow you to monitor traffic. This helps internet marketers understand how their online advertising campaigns and social media efforts are performing. Tags can be custom made or can be created using a template. Here's a brief overview of Google Tag Manager and how it can be put to work for you.

How Does Tag Manager Work?

The program works by tracking tags and setting tag-firing rules to define when those tags are available on your website. Rules tell the program which tags to fire on which pages. For example, "/.*" is a rule that’s used to define "All Pages", meaning that tag will appear on all pages of the website. It uses an asynchronous tracking code, and a unique code is generated for each container. Simply add tags to the account and hit Publish to update the site's tracking.

How Can Tag Manager Benefit Marketers?

Tag Manager is a powerful tool for marketers because tags can be updated whenever you want without involving an IT professional or some other tech geek to do it for you. You don't have to miss a sales opportunity simply because the website code required weeks to update.

It also simplifies the process because when you load tags into the Tag Manager, you know they're going to work. Like a Solinst interface probe, Tag Manager can provide you with valuable data about your marketing efforts.

Adding tags without knowing what you're doing used to produce a myriad of problems, including bogging down your site with unnecessary or incorrect tags. Not only does this cause your site to run slower, but your data may be incorrect as well. Tag Manager eliminates these problems to ensure you can track your marketing efforts without delay, no matter how many times you change direction.

How Can It Benefit Marketers with Several Clients

Tag Manager is a tremendous time-saver for agencies that have multiple clients and multiple accounts to manage. Each account should correspond to a particular company, and each container within that account should correspond with a website.

Each container can have multiple users with different permissions, allowing for easy monitoring and editing of tags by all those involved. In addition to saving time, combining tags into one container allows websites to load faster. Since load times are factored into search engine rankings, this can provide a tiny boost to sites that loaded slowly.

Tag Manager can be very useful, and best of all, it’s free! See if it makes your efforts run more smoothly.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ways to create highly Valuable content for your blog

Blogging is all hype these days. A blog is not just where you can pen your ideas these days like it used to be before. It has grown to be a major source of income for the bloggers. They earn decent bucks with the viewers attracted to their blog. However, attracting viewers is not as easy as it sounds. Blog owners need to post some useful and meaningful content in order for the viewers to visit the blog to check them out. But it does not also mean that attracting viewers is rocket science. All that a blogger needs to do is post some highly valuable content on their blog. If you are a blogger and wondering how to create highly valuable content then here are some tips and ways for you.
  • A blogger needs to become the customers’ need’s resource person
This is the foremost thing a blogger needs to bear in mind. Think about, what your customer’s real problem is. Blogging is not entirely concerning your business, it is all about the consumers. If as a blogger it is your wish to grab their attention and engage them with the blog and lure them to the sales department, then it is very essential that the blogger has to lay his or her attention on the customers, their issues.

When good content is created it helps in the success of the prospects and so they will be more engaged to the blog and keep revisiting your blog.

If you are not sure what your customers are looking for from your blog, the best way to become sure is by asking them. If you have been running for a long time a business, then chances are that you would be knowing many of them already. So, ask them about their issues.

But if you are a beginner and do not know your customers well then start conducting surveys using free tools that are available on the internet.
  • KeyWords
Once you have conducted surveys to understand your customers better, Keyword extraction from the questions you have used in the survey becomes important. When you are aware of all the customer issues, you will notice that there some phrases that keep recurring.

Use those phrases, may be add up a few of yours to them and then use the tool for keywords searching. Put all of your Phrases in the box and choose the option of keyword matching and then hit the search button.

Once you do this the keyword phrases you have typed will be returned to you by and also some other phrases that are related o the ones you have typed in the search box. Not only this, this keyword search tool provides you an insight of the number of people who laid a search for every single phrase in the previous month and the competition that these phrases have. The search columns of local and global ones gives a blogger an idea of the amount of interest others people have for a particular keyword. If you focus on the phrases that are highly researched in your posts, then you will be successful in luring viewers to your site.

Once you are done with identifying the popular keywords, visit the Google Insights for Search. Go to the bottom of the page and look for “Rising Researches” and “Top Researches.” The top researches will tell you the popular keywords that are being searched for and the other search will let you know what is the next search term that will get popular.

If you create content that is fresh and valuable prior to it getting mainstream you will be successful in attracting a lot of viewers to your blog. Guest bloggers might visit and might even share your content when they are planning to write something related on their blog too. Because of this the SEO will can reward your article for being there for a long time.
  • Answer the questions that remain unanswered
Most of the time people come search he web for finding an answer to their questions. The audience that view your blog are also nothing different. Answer the queries your viewers have, as it will help you build a rapport with them, attract more traffic to your blog and also keep your viewers engaged.

It is like that a blogger gets lo of emails from their customers who are in seek of advice. Do not reply with answers immediately. If you are sure that you have an answer to the questions that users are unable to find elsewhere then turn it into an excellent opportunity for yourself. The situation could possibly be that many other might have the same doubts in their mind and are unsuccessful in find the answer from the other sources. It is the best time for you to strike, wait for a little while. If Google does not provide an answer to the query, they might refer it to an authoritative source, which can be your blog. When the do so like the saying goes “Make hay while sun shines”, answer the query while you have the chance. It will be very advantageous to you as it will introduce new people to your blog, which is nothing but increased blog traffic.

If you want to attract traffic to your blog and keep the viewers engaged to your blog, create fresh and original content regularly especially the topics have to be on what interest people the most these days and not what interests you. By researching, answering viewers queries and catching their pulse, you can build a successful blog.

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Micheal Gocia author of Ways to create highly Valuable content for your blog. Find more lists of blogs at directory ready.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Google’s Next Big Algorithm Update: Penguin 4 says Matt Cutts

Yesterday night, we have got another surprise from Matt Cutts Google's head of search spam, announced at SMX West that a "next generation" of Penguin is coming in 2013.

This is going to be big as expected. I was persuaded that all SEO’s and Webmasters around the world were talking that what’s Next in 2013? I specifically was expecting something on e commerce since this is growing industry on online space.

Matt did not mention the merchant quality algorithm but he did specifically say it might be the next generation of the Penguin update. The same as reported on Search Engine Land and Search Engine Round Table.
Matt Says “We have a potential launch later this year, maybe a little bit sooner, looking at the quality of merchants and whether we can do a better job on that, because we don’t want low quality experience merchants to be ranking in the search results."

However, Google is on his way to give their users a better and relevant search results.  So Google may drop bad merchant’s rankings in the later 2013.

This would be named as Penguin 4 officially. There are total 3 penguin updates we have in the past as following.
No idea or certain dates has been disclosed on Penguin 4 Update. But yes If I had to guess this might arrive on Q 2 or Q 3 2013.