Saturday, December 22, 2012

Check your Christmas shocks for SEO Strategy - 2017

2012 was the roller coaster ride for all the major SEO Companies.

Many companies got the Big Surprises from Google, they all are never going to forget those names as “ Google Panda and Penguin “ of course the recent algorithm updates by search giant and going to make it again and again to tremble all the Black Hat and other Spammy companies.

Anyone who has been inside the world of SEO for more than a year or two can tell you all about what Google Panda and Google Penguin meant for developers and how they were greeted with cataclysmic fervor. We shall focus on further Way ahead Right SEO Strategy for 2017.

This coming year is also going to be under the massive changes in Google Algorithm, which will resize SEO Again. Following are the of good points which are circumspectly studied and research by Ally Digital Media’s SEO Experts for those who seriously want to implement SEO in upcoming year 2017.

SEO would tie knot with SMM in 2017!

Yes! SEO and Social Media will walk together as a soul-mate; you can’t win the race with only SEO. You need to come online on each and every popular Social Platforms where you can expect a boost. As you know that Digital Marketing is all about sharing.

Focus on figure rather than cleavage!

If you are still focusing on building those cheap links, I would suggest cleaning up those links as soon as possible. Instead of building back links put more focus to build your brand online. I would strongly suggest to Gain instead of building. Gain (don’t build) link your brand anchor text name, as Google loves branding. So take the initiative for Google to build your business as powerful brand and place your business under niche shelf. Once Google starts treating you as Authority Niche Brand, your other keywords to that context will automatically start ranking as you have come up as a unique algorithm friendly brand. Once you are the brand following good manners in the eye of Google then
you would be ranking on all the relevant keywords of your brand.

Increase your Score in Google Relevancy Circle

This is more with regards to trend that started after panda and penguin updates. Yes! I am talking about Guest Blogging. It’s very important that your site is linking with every relevant industry site as much as possible. For Eg. Doing SEO for Men’s Rings Site, you must do guest blogging on relative sites such as “ Wedding”, “Fashion”, “ Gifts Ideas”, “ Men’s TG “ Any “ Metal Related ( Gold, Silver etc) “sites and of course “ How To “ sites. This shows you are covering every aspect in Google’s relevancy Circle.

User Signals are your real Godfathers (Brand Marketers)

User signals are nothing but the Facebook Likes, Google plus Ones or anything in sort of Up votes. You can’t just share and share only, you should also know and do a proper research that where you are sharing your content you are getting User Signals. Because Google is going to look what your Followers are saying about you, as Public follows the views of public then Google follows your brand.

Having the best branding practices under your hat would let you hire more employees in your company.


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